Moku:Lab’s Laser Lock Box enables you to lock a laser’s frequency to a reference cavity or atomic transition using high-performance modulation locking techniques. The Laser Lock Box includes a ‘Tap-to-Lock’ feature, enabling you to quickly lock to any zero-crossing on the demodulated error signal.

Points Clés

• Stabilize a laser’s frequency to a reference
cavity or atomic transition
• Virtually probe within signal processing
chain to observe signals using an
integrated oscilloscope
• Quickly lock to any zero-crossing in the
error signal using the ‘Tap-to-Lock’ feature
• Individually configure high- and lowbandwidth
PID controllers for fast and
slow feedback
• Quickly access the controls you need with
a customizable control palette view


• Local oscillator frequency: 1 mHz to 200
MHz (3.55 μHz resolution)
• Scan waveforms: positive sawtooth,
negative sawtooth, triangle
• Scan frequency: 1 mHz to 1 MHz
• Infinite impulse response low-pass filter
corner frequency: 1 kHz to 14 MHz (second or fourth order)
• Integrator crossover frequency: 1.25 Hz to 125 kHz (fast PID), 19.53 mHz to 1.953 kHz
(slow PID)
• Ultra-fast data acquisition: snapshot mode up to 500 MS/s, continuous mode up to 1 MS/s



• Pound-Drever-Hall technique
• Precision spectroscopy
• Gravitational wave detection
• Custom phase-locked loop
• Other closed-loop control systems


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