MokuLAb - Data Logger - Enregistreur de Données


Un enregistreur de données est un dispositif automatique, voire programmable, qui enregistre des valeurs de mesure individuelles et des séries de mesure sur une longue période. Les grandeurs sont automatiquement mesurées, souvent numérisées et enregistrées sur un support

Moku:Lab’s Data Logger enables you to log data directly to an SD card for long-term measurements at rates of up to 100 kSa/s, where the duration is limited only by the capacity of the SD card. Data can also be acquired at up to 1 MSa/s by saving directly to Moku:Lab’s internal memory. Data saved to Moku:Lab’s internal memory can be uploaded to the cloud for analysis once the measurement is complete.

Points Clés

• Log voltage data on two independent channels to an SD card for long-term measurements, or directly to Moku:Lab’s internal RAM for short, high-speed bursts
• Built-in two-channel 250 MHz waveform generators
• Plain text (CSV) or binary, depending on data acquisition rate
• Easy export to SD card, Dropbox, Email, iCloud, or the iPad “My Files” folder
• Schedule a log to start after a delay of up to 10 days


• Input range: 1 Vpp or 10 Vpp
• Input Impedance: 50 Ω/1 MΩ
• Input coupling: AC/DC
• Maximum sampling rate:
Into RAM:

1 MSa/s with one channel enabled
500 kSa/s with both channels enabled
Into SD card:

100 kSa/s one/both channel enabled
• Minimal sampling rate: 10 Sa/s
• Acquisition mode:
Normal: Direct digitization at the acquisition rate
Precision mode: Downsampling from 500 MSa/s by averaging




• Temperature monitoring
• Vibration analysis
• Environment monitoring
• Other sensor data recording

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