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Laser Ultrasonic Receiver (AIR-1550-TWM)




Laser Ultrasonic Receiver (AIR-1550-TWM)

Documentation Technique

Votre contact : Laurent GREULICH

The AIR-1550-TWM Laser Ultrasonic Receiver represents the state-of-the-art in non-contact laser ultrasonic testing. The AIR-1550-TWM is the first laser ultrasonic receiver operating at the telecom and eye-safe wavelength of 1550 nm. Eye-safe lasers are important for the protection of researchers as well as for workers in production environments.

The operating wavelength also enables the AIR-1550-TWM to work effectively with simple, low-cost laser sources such as DFB or fiber lasers, reducing system cost and eliminating laser maintenance concerns.

Points forts du Laser Ultrasonic Receiver :

Model : AIR-1550-TWM

Surface Displacement Sensitivity : 4 x 10-7 nm rms (W/Hz)1/2

Detector Bandwidth : 125 MHz

Measurement TypeHigh Sensitivity, Fast Response Laboratory and Factory

External Probe Laser Requirement : 60 mW DFB Laser Diode
Fiber Lasers up to 2W

FHY Fiber Measurement HeadAperture : 25 mm
Focal Distance : 50-100 mm
Spot Size : 100-200 μm

Optional Guide Laser BeamDiode Laser at 650 nm

Analog Output : 50 Ohm source

Electrical Requirements : 100/220 V, 50/60 Hz

Alignment Signal Provided by internal piezo mirror

Dimensions : 325 x 250 x 100 (L x W x H, mm)
Compatible with 19-inch rack mount cabinets

Installation and TrainingFor installation and training, please contact us.


Application :


  • Mesure d'épaisseur


       Ceramique et coating metallique

       Tube en acier et pipeline

  • Detection de défauts

       Soudure laser

       Coating céramique...