High-precision translation with linear motor: 001-X-LRT-EC

High load stepper motor drive with integrated rotary encoder and controller and protective cover - Model: 001-X-LRT-EC


The 001-X-LRT-EC series motorized plates from our partner Zaber are computer-controlled linear drives with high torsional rigidity, high load capacity and long service life. A stainless steel protective cover prevents the insertion of small objects or dust into the platen. These motorized translations are self-contained and powered by 48V or 24V. The integrated rotary encoder allows closed-loop operation and stall recovery functions. An optional stepping wheel provides convenient manual control for versatile use even without a computer.

They are connected to a computer via RS-232 or USB and can be connected in series with other Zaber series turntables. Serial connection of the boards also allows power sharing, allowing multiple components in the 001-X-xxx series to share a single power supply. The 4-pin M8 connectors with locking feature provide a secure connection between the products.

Like all Zaber products, the 001-X-LRT-EC range is designed to be "plug and play" and very easy to configure and use. These motorized boards can be assembled in two-dimensional XY or XZ and three-dimensional XYZ configurations. Some multi-axis configurations may require additional accessories. Please contact us to ensure that these items have been correctly selected.

The Zaber control console and all the control and command software are open source software with accessible source code. They can be downloaded free of charge at this address: https: //www.zaber.com/zaber-software.

Zaber's positioning boards with integrated controllers, independent controllers and control levers are divided into three series: the 001-T series, the 001-A series and the 001-X series.

Key Points

  • Strokes: 100, 150, 500, 750, 1000 and 1500mm

  • Maximum centered load: 500kgrs

  • High rigidity for cantilever loads

  • Speed of 360mm/s max. and 1200N thrust

  • Integrated controller, serial connections compatible with other Zaber boards

  • Built-in rotary encoder, 400 CPR, detects and automatically corrects slips and stalls

  • Ball screw or lead screw version

  • Steel protective cover



With its systems, Zaber offers complete kits including the power supply and all the necessary connectors as well as numerous accessories: control lever, adapter plates and special connectors. Do not hesitate to contact us to define your configuration together.


  • Motorized Alignment
  • Precision surface scanning
  • Industrial Vision
  • Metrology
  • Surface analysis

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