Tunable quantum cascade system

LaserTune ™: Quantum cascade laser with broadly tunable mid-infrared range


Block Engineering's new generation of Laser Engineering represents a significant leap forward by providing the ultimate source of mid-infrared pulsed quantum cascade lasers (QCL) to meet the demands of the research community. The fully integrated "single box" concept has been taken to new extremes with a significant reduction in footprint size, saving considerable space on the laboratory bench. This single box also offers the widest range of space-free adjustment available on the market from 5.4 to 12.8 microns. No external power supply or control peripherals are required.


Key considerations in the design of the new LaserTune were to provide the end user with the ultimate flexibility to optimize the source to meet the application requirements. An intuitive user interface has been designed with an integrated touch screen for complete configuration of all source parameters directly on the device. In addition, the instrument comes with a wireless capability for the remote control so that it can be programmed via an iPad or other computer device. The software provides the user with the ability to adjust critical laser parameters, including QCL thermal control, pumping current, pulse parameters, and internal and external triggering.


LaserTune can now be programmed to operate in several modes, including Move Tune (manual control), Step Tune with programmable steps, and Sweep Tune with programmable scan parameters. LaserTune provides extremely fast scanning capability at 25 cm-1 per millisecond. The system supports pulse durations between 20 and 500 nsec, a repetition rate of up to ~ 3 MHz and a duty cycle of up to 15%. Pulses can be triggered internally at regular intervals with an available timing signal. External triggering is also supported. The beam size is approx. 2 mm x 4 mm with peak pointing stability.


Key Points

  • Gap free tuning range λ ≈ Δν 5.4 - 12.8 µm (Δν> 1050 cm-1)
  • configurable with up to 4 internal laser modules
  • Fastest setting (sweep 25 cm-1 / msec)
  • Excellent beam pointing stability
  • Fully integrated single housing solution
  • Flexible and user-friendly interface
  • Ideal for OEM and portable applications


Full specifications in the download file


  • Security and Defence
  • Gas Detection and Analysis 
  • Chemical Detection and Analysis

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