Pockels cells

Range of Pockels cells from UV to IR, all crystals : BBO, KDP, KD*P, RTP...) with openings from qq mm to almost 100mm - associated opto-mechanics proposed : cell cradle, cables...


Pockels cells are electro-optical devices used to change the direction of polarization of light beams. Their operating principle is the Pockels effect, whereby an applied electric field produces a linear change in the refractive index of non-centrosymmetric crystalline materials.

Key Points

Because their switching behaviour is largely dependent on the drive electronics, Pockels cells offer a much faster response time than acousto-optic devices.


For all technical information, please download the technical data sheet and consult us for more information.


  • Q-switching of laser cavities

  • Coupling light in and out of regenerative amplifiers

  • Light intensity modulation, when used in conjunction with a pair of polarizers

  • Pulse Picking 

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