Hyperspectral snapshot camera HSC-2

Hyperspectral snapshot camera for your applications between 500 and 900nm


The hyperspectral snapshot camera HSC-2P covers the spectral range 500 - 900nm. Based on Fabry-Perot technology, it is the only true Snapshot camera on the market to use its full 1MPixel sensor for each wavelength.


Key Points

  • Resolution: 1MPixel for each wavelength!

  • Frequency of acquisition

  • Internal memory: 1TB

  • Easy to use (USB 3.0 connection, software included)


  • Resolution: 1MPixel

  • Pixel Size: 5.5um

  • Spectral range: 500 - 900nm (other spectral ranges available on request)

  • Spectral resolution: 5-10nm

  • Number of spectral bands: up to 1000

  • Measuring frequency: 149Hz

  • Connectivity: USB 3.0

  • Power supply: 7-17VDC

  • Weight: 990g

  • Dimensions: 199 x 131 x 97 mm3

  • Focal length: from 30cm


  • Drone
  • Optical sorting (waste, food, materials...)

Application Notes and Technical Articles

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