Two-axis and three-axis motorised positioning and movement systems with integrated controller for quick and easy implementation and operation at very competitive costs. Integrating stepper or continuous motors, many configurations are available according to your needs.

  • Multi-axis piezoelectric turntables

    Multi-axis piezoelectric turntables (1)

    All our piezoelectric boards can be combined in different configurations. No custom adapter plate is required, only 4 bolts and a hexagonal key. We couldn't make it easier for you.
  • Gimbal motorized frames

    Gimbal motorized frames (2)

    Zaber offers a wide selection of standard and custom motorized Gimbal machines. We define a "Gimbal mount" as a device designed to mount an optical component such as a mirror or camera, while we define a "Gimbal deck" as a device for more universal applications. Our Gimbals include integrated controllers and encoders.
  • Powered Gantry Cranes

    Powered Gantry Cranes (1)

    Motorized gantries to allow XY movement over large strokes of objects with large masses.