What is the advantage of hyperspectral video cameras over regular hyperspectral imagers? What is the technical difference of this new kind of technology and how does it improve your application? We try to answer this and connected questions in the following article.

What is the advantage of hyperspectral snapshot imagers
The core advantage of hyperspectral snapshot imagers is the efficiency of usage of the incident light. Ordinary hyperspectral imagers have one thing in common. They use a small fraction of the incident light for the image generation.

On the one hand we have push-broom sensors, which restrict the light throughput of the objective of the camera by a micrometer-thin slit. On the other hand we see tunable filter devices, which only transmit a few nm of the full incident spectra onto the sensor. In either way, most of the incident light is blocked geometrically or is filtered out.

Snapshot imaging systems transmit the full spectrum of the light for the full image size. Thus, these kind of spectrometers capture a three dimensional dataset [x, y, lambda] in one sensor readout.